Years ago the only way to get legal documents produced was through a lawyer.  Today, that is just no longer the case. Because common legal forms are so, well, common aka “generic” it became far easier for lawyers to produce one form template that is generic enough to be used repeatedly and by taking the next logical step many attorneys began to post those forms online for sale. Now you may find any number of common forms available through online legal sites, such as LegalZoom.

Uncontested Divorce

You’ll see this one quite a bit pop up. It’s because Uncontested Divorces are uncontested. Both parties agree to the divorce and therefore there is nothing to dispute. The facts are added to the form, a settlement document is added, the forms are notarized and then the divorce can be submitted to the local courts. The forms will have to be designed for your particular state so when searching for Uncontested Divorce forms, search by state.

Lease/Rental Agreements

Leases, Landlord Tenant and Rental Agreements are also readily available online.  Using these forms will help you establish first and last month’s rent, pet deposits, stipulations, etc. in a way that is fully enforceable by the courts. Like a divorce petition, these must be tailored for the state you live in.


Probably the most commonly downloaded or searched on legal form is the will.  Many legal sites will not only provide a template or wizard but will also give you options for storage so that your document has built in protections that will stand up during probate.

There are countless other documents that you can buy online, but these are the most commonly used or purchased.


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