You already know what advertising is, so let’s cut to the chase, you very well know the two forms of advertising that are online and offline advertising. No matter which one you choose, if you don’t have a proper plan you won’t succeed and also loose your funds in ‘trying to succeed.’ Thus it’s important for you to understand the actual difference between the both and how you can manipulate the sort of audience these both forms offer.

People quite often overlook the fact that a unique thing sets out more attraction than common thing even if available in bulk, advertising somewhat relates to this, if you just follow the same routines as what other companies are following you will end up right there. But you will have very few chances to surpass them. If you talk about it broadly you, yourself will accept that one advertisement out of 10 running on your television attracts you more than the other 9, it’s because that particular ad has something unique, whatever it maybe but something that triggers your mind, this is the fact that most big companies keep in mind when they plan out advertisements. Clear message with a pinch of humor can do wonders.


Online advertising and the set of audiences;

Online means anything that’s done via a computer/mobile/laptop and that includes the use of internet. So if you are advertising on google, facebook, twitter or some other place you should very well know that you won’t get the general audience here.

Social media and internet are used by moderately literate people, so you have to upgrade your standards, you can’t just run a random ad, people will discard it, they will discard your product. Online audience is very sensitive, before purchasing with you they will check out about you and they will look out for the visuals of the advertising (yes looks matter). It’s true that online advertising can derive far more sales than offline, but than you will have to work equally harder to generate those sales.

Offline advertising and the set of audiences;

Everything in offline advertising is easy to understand and simple, people won’t judge you much; you can derive sales from it, no doubt in that. Newspapers and pamphlets are still one of the best mediums to promote small scale businesses, people see the name and it clings to their mind.

The set of audience is easy to bear with, though in offline advertising people first like to see the product and than go on buying it, but that wouldn’t bother you much considering you are working city-wise.

You can also go to advertising and PR firms such as Orangelabel Art + Advertising, these kind of firms create and handle your complete advertising plan whether its online or offline. Good luck.

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