Thanks to the extreme winters in Canada, a large number of Canadians opt to move to a warmer place for winters. After all, who would not like to get away from the chilling climate and instead enjoy a beautiful staycation at a warmer place, maybe in Europe or some other country with pleasant weather.

Since we are talking here about spending some considerable amount of time out of Canada, one needs to be sure that his/her medical costs would not hold him/herback. If you think you would give a second thought to your plan due to medical costs, the snowbird Travel Insurance can certainly help you.

What is Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Snowbird Travel Insurance is a special type of travel insurance which is extremely beneficial for the Canadians who do not want to tolerate the winters of Canada. They might want to go to a warmer place, for maybe a week or two. Majorly, this insurance would cover the medical costs of the insured. However, some service providers might also provide benefits like lost baggage coverage, flight accident coverage etc. Some rarest policies would also cover the cases where the trip might get cancelled due to extreme circumstances.

Reasons why you need a Snowbird Travel Insurance

Some of us might argue that there is no need of this special kind of insurance for just a matter of 2-3 weeks. Well, there are reasons why this insurance is so popular. Let us go through them before taking a decision.

  • Unlike Canada, the medical authorities in the rest of the warmer countries are pretty expensive. Even the smallest of injuries can cost you a few thousand dollars out of your pocket. So, if you really don’t want to spend all your savings for a medical emergency, Snowbird travel insurance would come to your rescue.
  • You would get a coverage of up to $5 million. That means that no matter how crucial your condition gets, your insurance would make sure you don’t get into financial trouble while you are on your staycation.
  • Unlike the regular travel insurance which would get expired as soon as you take a single trip and come back, the snowbird Travel Insurance would expire based on the number of days you have stayed out of the country. Of course it would have an expiry date, but it would be able to cover your trips for a season for sure.
  • The value of Canadian dollar has been sinking as compared to the US dollar in recent years. You certainly don’t want to pay more due to your country’s economy. So, take up this insurance and be at peace. No matter what happens to Canadian dollar in future, you can be hassle free and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Take note that there are variations of the policy as offered by different service providers and you need to talk to an agent if you want a plan tailor made as per your requirements. Also, keep in mind that having the policy in your hand is not enough, yourinsurance company should guide you with how to approach the medical help in case it is needed. With a little research and proper consultation with the agent, you can save a lot of money.

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