Medical devices are our heart and soul, whenever you fall ill, the doctor hooks you up with one or the other devices and conclusively tells you the report. An x-ray machine or a thermometer, an ECG or a CT-scan machine all these are medical devices and the manufacturers have to go through a lot to sell them. A marketing plan has to be made in order to figure out how to and to whom should these devices be sold.

General product marketing would just require you to get 2-3 product images contact and advertising agency and run your products in the market but it isn’t the same for medical devices, you have to evaluate the market, conduct a research and then you can work out on a plan to make sales.


Who to sell?

It doesn’t matter what your field of work is, you must know your potential audience, which in the case of medical device marketing would be either doctors or patients and in some cases general public. Per say, you manufacture a digital thermometer, obviously you have a wide set of potential customers (talking strictly business), doctors, patients and general public all the three set of people lie in your era, while if you were manufacturing a X-ray machine lets consider, you could have only sold it to hospitals, private clinics do not have x-ray machines (exceptions are always there). So you will have to learn about the need of your device, by need I mean who needs your device, and than plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

How to sell?

Effective return policies, timely services, warranties and effective support all these add up to the reputation of a company so when you look out to market your brand make sure you include these things in your description. Tell people what they want to hear “it’s the best, will reduce your expense, will last longer than the others”, that’s it, if you somehow manage to tell these three points in such a way that your potential customer is pleased you are not far from making high sales. Try to build your product stage wise, go from hospitals to insurance companies, to customers and than to clinics, the price matters a lot, if you provide a good looking product that guarantees to last longer and that too at lower price than others, people will come running towards you, (considering people know about you). So the first thing is to sell your name, run advertisements, paper ads or whatever you think is feasible and than go to your marketing plan.

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