Easter weekend is traditionally the time when many people make a start on their gardens; jobs like general tidying up and potato planting being some of the things that are common, however, the typical bank holiday weather in this country tends to be rain and it looks like once again we will be following that trend. May be worth considering putting your time to better use indoors.

If you’re lucky enough to get the whole weekend off then think of how much you could accomplish in that time. Most people have a number of jobs that need doing around the home. Perhaps you have a room that is in need of a lick of paint. Perhaps it’s the ideal time to rip out your old kitchen or maybe you just need to replace that broken light switch. Whatever needs doing in your home, this is the ideal time of year to begin.


If you are taking out your old kitchen, you’re going to need a way to dispose of your mess and rubble. Make sure you stock up on some heavy duty rubble sacks (such as these from Edwardes Bros) and also an adequate supply of dust sheets to protect the rest of your home; polythene backed cotton twill dust sheets are ideal for the job.

If you’re considering repainting a room or two, make sure you have everything you need before you start the job. This means you won’t need to abandon the job to go out for more supplies which can waste an awful lot of time.

If the weather does turn out to be better than expected then you could always make a start on your garden as well. Work done now will mean you are free to enjoy it once the warmer weather arrives.

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