Addiction rehab is where manyseek recovery and treatment with addictions and drug abuse issues. There is a problem with too many of these centers merely looking to make money by the intake of almost any and all clients that are qualified financially. This presents a major problem due to not every rehab for addiction are qualified to treat dual diagnosis and disorders or cases that have other co-occurring disorders. This usually leaves the problem or the root of the problem untreated.


Detoxification which (known as detox) is the physiological elimination of a substance or several substances from the addict. Detox for addiction is usually managed by doctors at a medical or detoxcenter. Detox causes withdrawal with substances being detoxed leaving the body. Detoxing alcohol and drugs from the body is the only way that co-occurring disorders can actually be found. Common disorders that are co-occurring include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Physical symptoms

Medical problems 

When regarding rehab programs, addicts need to go through detoxprogram before being admitted to these programs. Now most residential centers have a detox program on site but many do not. Clients need to be detoxed in some inpatient facility prior to entering rehab. Because some symptoms of detox need treatment and medication to make these symptoms easier to deal with, detox needs to be treated in an inpatient medical setting. These symptoms are necessary but unpleasant. Most addicts will face:


  • Emotional frustration
  • Mental discomfort
  • Physical discomfort
  • Psychological discomfort

And under these subjects there are many underlying problems and possible illnesses. Detox is needed in order to find and successfully treatto ensure recovery is successful. Detoxing cleans the body and mind from dependency.

Dual diagnosis

Not having a complete and total detox and finding any co-existing health problems can lead to:

  • High possibility of leaving rehab too early
  • Very swift relapse
  • Failure to adjust to group treatment and therapy

When there is not a diagnosis of all root problems some problems will not be treated leaving the patient through a continued battle with their addictions. There are many ways to gain knowledge of rehab centers that can help with detox and duel diagnosis that can ensure you or your loved one will get the needed care to deal with any existing issues or root problems.

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