Adding hedging plants to your garden can be a good way to increase its aesthetic appeal and style, and at the same time, these plants can serve many other purposes. Many of us have those annoying and prying neighbors, escaping pets and kids and even unexpected intruders. Instead of going for a full brick wall or a complete concrete fencing, hedges can be a worthy, budget friendly and effective alternative. Check the things that you need to know for the right benefits.

Decide on the purpose

If you are just looking for designing the garden or want to variety to the plants, there are many flowering options. However, when the main purpose is landscaping and adding a natural screen, you need different choices like leylandii, laurel and photinia, which grow long and thick. Keep in mind that these are plants that need pruning and can grow rather fast, so you have to keep some money aside for pruning and maintenance.

Hedging Plants

Choose a budget

Depending on the need, you will have to choose the number of plants needed. Every hedge has its own set of requirements for growth and planting, which must be adhered. Most evergreen hedges need at least some amount of care for the first couple of years, so that the growth is optimal. Keeping the costs of plants, planting and maintenance in mind, you have to set a budget.

Check around

For knowing what kinds of plants will suit the needs of your garden, it is wise to do a little bit of research. You can check on some of the informative sites maintained by nurseries, such as to understand the choices. Keep an eye on the details of the plant, so that you know how to maintain and care for hedges.

Making a choice is easier when you know how to decide on the plants.

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