Long time back before the Walkman age, in the 1980s, headphones used to be huge and bulky. During that age, headphones were considered to be things that would stay at home and which would be used late at night for listening to music while on bed. This was the ‘then’ trend but with the latest generation the size of headphones has been slimmed to such an extent that you can plug in to almost any device and push it inside your ears easily.

This is perhaps the main reason behind the growing popularity of the headphone industry and also behind each and every mobile phone carrying a headset inside its kit box. Headphones have become an indispensable part of our lives as it keeps on entertaining us on the go. Irrespective of whether we’re going out for office or traveling a boring journey, our headphones if plugged into some good quality device, can entertain us throughout the journey. Read on to know about a comprehensive guide to buying headphones.

Styles and forms of headphones

The names like home headphones and portable ones are gradually fading away but the list mentioned below will help you make a good decision while buying your pair of headphones. In what way do you intend to use your headphones, is it for music, gaming, home theatre or where do you plan to listen to them? Check out the main 4 styles of headphones

  • Earbud headphones: These are commonly given off as freebie headphones with various MP3 players and they’re often left behind when people prefer more for high-performance ear buds which are offered by the full-sized models. The earpieces of this form of headphones are very tiny and they rest on the outer ear. Earbud headphones are upside and downside and they receive a good response from the users. You get 5-button remote to control the volume and different tip sizes and other materials.
  • Full size headphones: As per the latest technology, it is called circumaural which comprises of those headphones with earcups which enclose your ears entirely. Due to their huge size and their acoustic isolation feature, it is often considered best fit for your home rather than being carried elsewhere. You get different folded designs, microphone, detachable cord and volume control keys on the wire. The pads are also replaceable.
  • On-ear headphones: These carry a different style where the headphones rest on top of the ears and they have a wide range of cheap portals to high-end models. While there are on-ear headsets which cover the entire portion of your ears, there are others which have a circumaural design. Such designs are usually used in office environments.
  • Wireless headphones: These days anything wireless is sure to gain popularity as none of us love the mess of cords. Such wireless headphones are common in places where you can’t keep the cords dangling and they’re transmitted through Bluetooth. However, be sure to compromise on sound quality with regards to these headphones.

Therefore, if you’re about to buy headphones, you may either check out Jabra or go through this comprehensive guide which helps you in buying the best headphones.

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