Many people are fighting their own battle and there is a lot of mental trauma and tension in life. There are some people that turn to drug addiction and alcohol to forget the pain but this does not help them in any way at all. In fact, their condition becomes worse and this affects their health as well. It is very important for you to understand that no drug or medicine can equate the benefits of spiritual healing. This helps you to combat problems and issues in life so that you effectively are able to overcome the stress and the frustrations that you face in a holistic and safe manner!

Now the question is what is spiritual healing and how does it help you? Lisa Dudzik of The Foundation For Spiritual Renewal in Perth, Australia says that spiritual healing does help you. This form of healing attunes you to nature and the life force that heals you from all trauma and pain. Individuals often oscillate from the past to the future. They are either remembering something painful or something that someone has done to them. They may be fear of the future and this causes them to worry and get stressed. Spiritual healing helps them to forget the past and the future and live in the present moment.2

Life is beautiful but you are victims of the physical mind. She says that your mind is a very small piece of you but it has total control over you. You act as per its orders and most of the time you regret your actions as you have done the wrong thing. It is here that you have to surrender all your negative qualities and for a change listen to what your inner voice or intuition says.

Lisa Dudzik says that most of the time you ignore the voice of your heart. This voice of yours wishes to speak to you but most of the time you ignore it. You must have the capacity to listen to it so that you are aware of what is right and what is wrong. Spiritual healing comes in the form of certain practices like deep breathing, yoga, meditation, dancing and singing. This awakens the soul from within and the negative vibrations that you have picked up starts to melt away. In the process you feel light and this paves the way to rational thinking. It is important for you to think rational and ensure that you get the right guidance from the heart to lead a happy and blissful life.

Lisa Dudzik says that spiritual healing has benefitted people from across the globe. It balances the mind, body and soul. It is a potent healing force that has actually benefitted millions. She says that it is easy for anyone to spiritually heal the body and mind. The practices are simple and they are considered to be one of the top ways to be in connection with yourself. The mind, soul and body needs to be composed and calm for you to make wise decisions for yourself to remain happy!

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