Welcome to Catania, a magnificent city located on the east coast of Sicily. It is among the largest cities of Italy. The city is a gem, rich in culture and armored in resilience and brevity through time and memory. It thrives at the foot of Mount Etna, facing the Ionian Sea. Once you land in this beautiful city, take a moment and breathe in the fresh air of Catania.

You should take a rental car at Catania–Fontanarossa Airport. This is the best means of transportation in Catania. Public transport may be a little bit tiring and tricky. Waiting long hours for a bus, which may take more than an hour to arrive.

Catania is filled with countless small business owners, craftsmen, and artists who sell their unique masterpieces all over the city. One good example that is a must-buy in Catania is the 53-inch sicilian puppets (called pupi) found mostly in Via Etnea. This street also boasts of colorful local ceramics and the carved wooden candelabras that can be elaborately customized to meet your specific needs.


Another local attraction that still doubles as a great shopping point is La Pescheria. La Pescheria is an open-air fish market with some of the finest products. Visit it to stock up on whatever you need. This place helps one get to know the rich fishing culture of the Catania residents.


Interested in brand name shopping? Then you cannot leave Catania before visiting the Corso Italia street. This is one of the most elegant streets in the city, extending from the coastline up towards Mount Etna. This is where you ought to be if you love upscale brand name shopping. Nearly all the world-famous brand name boutiques and stores can be found here. The street breathes a sophisticated air.

Catania Mall is another must-visit shopping spot in Catania. Do not let the name mislead you, though, Catania Mall is not specifically a mall, but a relatively small entity that focuses on giving their clients their value for money on well-known brand accessories and clothing lines. Discounts in Catania Mall can at times be 70% off the prices found in the high-end streets. There is a variety of brands to choose from such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, and even Dior.

The Porte di Catania shopping mall is a place one cannot miss whilst entering or leaving since it is located close to the airport, outside the busy city. The ground floor is occupied by a large Auchan supermarket known for its exotic food and groceries. The shopping mall’s second floor is always a beehive of activities, thanks to the stores and shops found there, all filled with international and major local brands.

Top Beer is another shopping spot that acts both as a bar and an exotic beer shop where one is given the chance to sample and drink the beers directly at the shop while enjoying soft music in the background. Top Beer packs an impressive assortment of both international and local beers.


Anyone who has ever visited Catania will tell you that this city is the Milan of Sicily not because of the culture there or the fashion, but due to the community’s enterprising spirit.

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