Windows are the soul of a room, be it a part of a picturesque dream home or an opulent workplace or a hospital. These windows provide a breathing space in addition to retaining the natural energy thus offering life to a room. Furthermore, a room with a well-donned window complements the beauty of interiors and can change the entire look of it. Window coverings should merge with the color and designs of the room and should fulfill the necessity of the user. It should also serve the need of privacy and likewise filter the excess light.

Window blinds are the ideal coverings, as the name itself suggests that it helps in limiting the observation of an onlooker, thereby securing one’s privacy. These sorts of window coverings are made by assembling several vertical or horizontal slats, of various sizes and numerous materials. These slats are held together by the use of cords or springs, although cordless ones are also accessible.2

  • Varieties that would make you go gaga over it:

The window coverings are made with planks of wood, plastic, fabric or metal, in an overlapping manner and can be tilted, giving it an appearance of stairs. The wooden coverings give a sophisticated and earthly touch thereby enhancing the beauty of many decorative styles. With the size varying, the degree of controlling light and privacy also varies. Another variety is the Faux Wood coverings, which appear similar to wooden ones but are more affordable, durable and especially more preferable in humid areas. Metal slats are used in commercial places and houses for protection against theft, fire and other purposes. The fabric coverings with horizontal and vertical slats offer more varieties of designs and patterns. Right choice of material would instantly blend with the decor.

  • Are window blinds harmful for kids?

Indeed these coverings are dangerous for children, and to ensure their safety should be the parents’ highest priority. Kids are often attracted towards shining and moving items like the cords binding the slats. However, this would not stop anyone from using them, alongside taking care of the problems correctly. Just one alteration is required, cordless window coverings made of slats should be used. These are durable and easier to use, and a safer way to beautify the home.

  • Confused whether to use vertical or horizontal blinds?

For doors and large sliding windows, vertical blinds are favored since they can be pulled aside very much like the windows, thereby also maintaining the rhythm of the look; whereas horizontal coverings are preferred for smaller windows. Motorization makes styling the window easy going; with just one click, the curtains open up or fall back to its place. Thus, the fear of coping with immensely wide curtains is dealt with leisure now.

With time, world has changed as technology has advanced and made life easier. With the use of internet, world has indeed become a small place. Furthermore, use of online shopping brings all the items at the door. However, some prefer to run down to the shop themselves and get a closer look at the items. No matter from where one chooses to buy, it is always good to switch the look of the room and treat your eyes with new window coverings.

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