If you intend to buy an ATV trailer or attachments, read this article before you finalize your choice. There is a wide variety of Quad trailers and ATV Trailers in Canada and to choose from.

It is amazing to realize that how an unpowered vehicle towed by another powered vehicle can be such a leader in transportation and pleasure.


Trailers are a big help in carrying products and equipment from one place to another. There are ample choices for trailers and accessories in the market. Whether you want to buy an ATVTRAILER for work or pleasure, this article will give you some basic information which will help you to narrow your choice according to your requirements.

An open or an enclosed trailer? First thing you should consider is whether you need a lot to transport? If you need a lot of items to transport than an open trailer will suit your need because open trailers allow greater space. The sizes available on the market range from 4×6, 6×12, to as long as 30 feet.

Enclosed trailers can be locked up ensuring safety of your equipment. It also helps that while shifting the items remain safe on board. They also come in sizes varying from 4×6, to 8×26.

Hitches are very important for the safety of the vehicle. The most common hitch is ball hitch which is quite safe.

Tires are the next important item to be considered. Tires come in 6, 8 or 10 ply. Your choice of tires will depend on what kind of load your vehicle is going to carry. Heavy load need more amount of air pressure than smaller load.

GVWR is gross weight vehicle rating. It is calculated by adding the weight of the vehicle plus weight of the load. Your trailer should be with higher GVWR than whatyou intend to carry.

Loading and unloading safety is of prime concern. The trailers come equipped with ramp and ramp gates. You must select the appropriate one depending on the weight and kind of your items to be transported.

The most important aspect after choosing and buying the trailer is its registration with the local authority/body in your country, state. As soon as you decide on your vehicle, the manufacture will give you your registration details and your owners manual. Make sure you receive registration details from your manufacturer, and complete the formalities before you venture out with your new ATV trailer.

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