Search engine is the key source for 80% or more traffic toward many websites and that’s why proper SEO is the most important thing for success of any website. However, it is also very important that you understand new google SEO basics before starting SEO of your websites and following tips that published by Mikhail – an SEO expert, can assist you in this.

Make your website content reach: This is the most important thing of google SEO basics that you need to have a content rich website that is easy to read for users and it should be fast enough as well. That means your website or webpage should have enough content with complete information and it should give some fruitful information to visitors. Other than this speed of your website is also equally important and your website should give good experience to users.

Do not overuse keywords: If you will do the keyword stuffing on your WebPages, then you will not find any positive result from it and you won’t be able to get anything from it. In fact, Google can panelize you for over stuffing of keyword so make sure you use only 2 to 3 % keywords in your articles and you never cross this limit of keyword count.


Focus only on good quality links: If you are still thinking about buying the links from links selling websites or you are planning to get the links via link exchange, then you are making a great mistake for your SEO. This will put you in negative ranking of Google and you won’t be able to get any good result from it. Therefore, it is very important that you should use get the links only from good quality bloggers and websites and you should not exchange the links with each other, because Google understand this trick now and it ignores these links in SEO.

Do proper SEO Analysis: Before you begin your SEO, it is recommended that you should take help of some good SEO Analysis tool that are known to find the data according to google SEO basics. With the help of this analysis you can do the SEO of your website in effective manner and you can learn about all the keywords and points on which you need to focus for your website SEO. With this focused SEO you can get more effective result in shorter time.

Pay attention on domain name: This is one of the most important things for google SEO basics and you should use only one domain name for your website. Also if it is not necessary avoid using sub domain and use subdirectories because it can increase the weight of your root domain and you can get better ranking in google. That means if you need to use and if you can replace it with, then we would suggest you to use the former one. Similarly when you talk about your domain name make sure you use either www or http every time while submitting the links. If you will use www in few links and http in few other links, then Google will take it as two different links and it will reduce your SEO ranking.

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