Modern cars have become very customer-friendly because of the advancement in technologies. The days of the driver dependent driving is over and has become more machinery or technology dependent nowadays. We will discuss few of the useful technologies adopted in the modern cars. Also Check about Chevrolet Trailblazer .

i-Smart keys

The smart key of a modern car employs electronic controls and microchips that give signals for the functions like unlocking the doors, starting the car with button and adjusting the seats and the mirrors. To prevent thefts the rolling code projected by the key is fed in to the car’s computer which verifies whether it is genuine.

Car Technologies

Adaptive head lights

The head lights of the modern cars re-orient automatically while negotiating curves and slopes. An electronic system sensing the wheel speed, the yaw of the vehicle and the steering input corrects the beam’s orientation using motorised head lights.

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

The ceasing of the rotation of the wheels especially on the slippery roads is a common phenomenon. The ABS system which senses the wheel rotation prevents locking and allows the stoppage of the car within a short distance. The EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) when fitted aids this action.

Air bags

The nylon air bags fitted inside the cabins get inflated when sensors detect a crash. The gases released through a small hole gives cushioning effect to the passengers.

Smart Phone Connectivity

The new smart phone automobile head unit connectivity using systems like Android Auto and Car Play helps in the multimedia applications of the Smart phones using the buttons on the steering wheel or the touch screen of the head unit.

Bluetooth kits

For hand-free phone calls and messaging these kits can be plugged in and paired to the phone and the music system using Bluetooth connectivity.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Adaptive Cruise Control helps the driver to select a speed and a distance from the vehicle ahead during heavy traffic. The special cameras and radars help in avoiding collisions.

Traction Control

The traction control system is useful when the wheels slip in frictionless conditions. The driver can make use of whatever traction is available even by reducing the power to the slipped wheel.

Crumple Zones

Modern cars have crumple zones at the front and the rear. In case of collisions these zones will collapse reducing the impact on the passengers.

Voice Recognition System

The present voice recognition systems in the vehicles allow the driver to give commands to the portable GPS or in-built navigation system. By increasing the number of commands stored the driver will be able to find out the nearest petrol pump, the road condition or a particular hotel using voice command.

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